EURO-FUNDING is a group of companies aiming to improve the profit and loss account of our clients, each one of them focused in their corresponding area of expertise.

Due to the demands of an increasingly competitive market, the management board of the organization has implemented an Integrated Management System that is adapted to the following standards: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 e ISO 50001:2011.

This system is oriented to the achievement of the company’s goals, seeking to distinguish itself from the competition, and to provide a high level of quality and an optimal management of the environmental and energy aspects in the provision of services, based on the values of the company:

  •  Integrity: confidentiality and honesty
  •  Excellence: service and technical rigor
  • Customer orientation: adaptability and results

Our Integrated Management System has as general principles:

  •  Fulfillment of the requirements pledged to our clients, consolidating the trust in our company. Effective management and control of the service provided.
  • Effective allocation of roles and responsibilities.
  • Compliance with current regulations.
  • Develop all our activities within a global environment protection framework.
  • Encourage the efficient use of energy and energy savings through the use of savings techniques in our facilities.
  • Improve the habits in terms of energy savings among workers and any external person that uses our facilities.
  • Encourage the use of renewable energy generation technologies as far as possible.
  • Awareness and motivation of the company’s staff on the importance of the implementation and development of an Integrated Management System, and its involvement in the fulfillment of customer expectations.
  • Promote continuous improvement in quality, environment and energy, adopting sustainable practices and contributing to the improvement of corporate social responsibility.

This policy will be reviewed by the Management board and will establish documentable and quantifiable objectives that will be elaborated and revised periodically, setting the responsibilities in its completion, establishing the criteria of action and allocating the necessary resources, in order to achieve the policy objectives.

The assurance that everyone with influence in the system is aware of this policy and the objectives are achieved thanks to the dissemination by Quality, Environment and Energy managers, at all levels of the organization, and to the distribution of the documents that apply to each level in every specific job.

March 2017

Víctor Tarruella de Oriol