EIC Accelerator


EIC Accelerator call, the first financing instrument combining existing non-refundable grants (up to €2.5 million in the form of a “Grant”), with access to risk capital worth up to 15 million (“Equity”) for commercial activities and industrial upgrading of the product at international level.

The EIC Accelerator aims not only to sponsor radically new ideas that are close to the market and which, due to their unconventional nature, do not find private investors in Europe, but also companies led by women.

Unlike its predecessor, the new programme takes on a 100% single-beneficiary format (no consortia are allowed), but maintains flexibility in terms of the geographical framework by standardising the subcontracting of tasks to third parties, both within and outside Europe.

Main novelties of the Accelerator Programme

  • Open call vs Challenge Driven calls addressing Strategic Health and Digital Technologies, and Green Deal Innovations for the Economic Recovery
  • New application and evaluation process: a first screening stage has been added to the full proposal and interview, so companies must first apply through a 5 pages concept note.
  • Only 2 submissions are allowed at each application step
  • New AI platform for proposal drafting and submission
  • 40% share of women-led companies at interviews

Key ingredients to win Accelerator

  • Ground-breaking deep-tech concepts with high potential to scale-up the applicant company
  • High-risk innovations that cannot leverage the private investments to fasten industrial scale up
  • Convincing business plan: clear timeline complemented by a sound team and a track-record with financial data
  • Broader impact: the commercialisation of the innovation will have societal, economic, environmental or climate impacts for at least Europe

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CALL: EIC Accelerator 2021-2027
APPLICATION DEADLINE:Open + Challenges: 11 January (only Open), 22 March, 7 June and 4 October 2023
ORGANISING ENTITY: European Commission

The EIC Accelerator Program (formerly SME Instrument) is part of the European Innovation Council (EIC) funding programs and supports renowned innovators, entrepreneurs, small businesses and scientists with funding opportunities and accelerator services.

The program targets high-risk, high-potential SMEs and innovators to assist them in the development and market access of innovative new products, services and business models that can act as a pivot for economic growth.

The selected companies receive financing and optional access to private investment, as well as personalized guidance and supervision services for the scaling of their innovative idea, together with additional acceleration services that facilitate access to investors, corporations and entrepreneurs with common interests.

  • Single-beneficiary format.
  • Exclusively SMEs under the status according to EU recommendation 2003/361.

Financing of up to 17 million euros

  • Non-refundable aid of up to 2.5 MILL EUR (grant)
  • Financing in concept Capital Investment up to 15 MILL € (equity)

All costs directly related to activities such as testing, prototyping, validation, demonstration and testing under real conditions (TRL6 to TRL8).

The budget categories include, in addition to expenditure on staff, travel, consumables, depreciation of equipment, contracting of services, indirect costs are included (calculated as 25% of the remaining costs, except subcontracting). The non-refundable aid intensity will be 70% of the approved and justified budget.

The costs arising from market access activities (TRL9) will be covered through Private Investment.

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