Latest news of the business activities tax

The current crisis that we are experiencing is affecting many sectors in our country and is causing a critical political situation. This crisis is resulting in a general shortage of raw materials, leading many companies to slow down their production rate to the point of having to paralyze their work for weeks or even months.

This situation should not be alien to the tax effects, even more so with respect to the Economic Activities Tax (IAE), which is imposed on the mere exercise of any economic activity as a direct manifestation of economic capacity. This tax is objectively quantified according to the presumed average profit of the sector in which the activity is included. However, the IAE regulation foresees the possibility of applying, during the affected fiscal year, the change of taxation in the tax for those companies that are within the sectors declared in crisis, in which the reconversion of their work plans is approved. In the following article, we explain what this change of taxation in the IAE consists of.

In Euro-Funding we carry out the calculation of the IAE through a tax audit to know the real situation of the tax, determining the correct amount to pay.

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