Actualización del Programa de Trabajo H2020 Energía

La Comisión Europea ha publicado una nueva actualización del Programa de Trabajo de Horizonte 2020 Energía. Se debe utilizar esta versión para preparar las propuestas para las convocatorias todavía abiertas en 2020.

En el siguiente cuadro puedes encontrar los topics activos hasta septiembre de 2020:

SOCIETAL CHALLENGES 3 : Secure, clean and efficient energy


Topic Nr.TitleAvailable
LC-SC3-CC-9-2020Industrial (Waste) Heat-to-Power conversion            14.000.000 €01/09/2020
LC-SC3-NZE-5-2020Low carbon industrial production using CCUS            15.000.000 €01/09/2020
LC-SC3-B4E-11-2020Financing for energy efficiency investments – Smart Finance for Smart Buildings            10.000.000 €10/09/2020
LC-SC3-B4E-12-2020National roundtables to implement the Smart Finance for Smart Buildings initiative              3.000.000 €10/09/2020
LC-SC3-B4E-13-2020Aggregation – Project Development Assistance            66.000.000 €10/09/2020
LC-SC3-B4E-14-2020Enabling next-generation of smart energy services valorising energy efficiency and flexibility at demand-side              6.000.000 €10/09/2020
LC-SC3-B4E-2-2020Stimulating demand for sustainable energy skills in the building sector              4.000.000 €10/09/2020
LC-SC3-B4E-3-2020Upgrading smartness of existing buildings through innovations for legacy equipment              8.000.000 €10/09/2020
LC-SC3-B4E-4-2020Next-generation of Energy Performance Assessment and Certification              6.000.000 €10/09/2020
LC-SC3-EC-1-2018-2019-2020The role of consumers in changing the market through informed decision and collective actions              8.000.000 €10/09/2020
LC-SC3-EC-2-2018-2019-2020Mitigating household energy poverty              4.000.000 €10/09/2020
LC-SC3-EC-5-2020Supporting public authorities in driving the energy transition              9.000.000 €10/09/2020
LC-SC3-CC-1-2018-2019-2020Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) aspects of the Clean-Energy Transition            10.000.000 €10/09/2020
LC-SC3-CC-7-2020European Energy and Climate Modelling Forum (2020-2024)              5.000.000 €10/09/2020
LC-SC3-NZE-6-2020Geological Storage Pilots            14.000.000 €10/09/2020
LC-SC3-RES-20-2020Efficient combination of Concentrated Solar Power and desalination (with particular focus on the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region)            10.000.000 €10/09/2020
LC-SC3-RES-25-2020International cooperation with Japan for Research and Innovation on advanced biofuels and alternative renewable fuels              5.000.000 €10/09/2020
LC-SC3-RES-3-2020International Cooperation with USA and/or China on alternative renewable fuels from sunlight for energy, transport and chemical storage            10.000.000 €10/09/2020
LC-SC3-RES-34-2020Demonstration of innovative and sustainable hydropower solutions targeting unexplored small-scale hydropower potential in Central Asia            10.000.000 €10/09/2020
LC-SC3-RES-36-2020International cooperation with Canada on advanced biofuels and bioenergy              5.000.000 €10/09/2020
LC-SC3-SCC-2-2020Positive Energy Districts and Neighbourhoods for urban energy transitions              5.000.000 €10/09/2020

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