BENEFFICE (Energy Behaviour Change driven by plug-and-play-and-forget ICT and Business Models focusing on complementary currency for ENergy EFFICiEncy for the Wider Population) aims to reduce wasted energy by incentivising various consumer types in the wide energy consumer market.

A novel ecosystem will be developed which enables and incentivises long-term energy consumption savings. BENEFFICE ecosystem leverages novel IoT enabled, low-cost, “plug-and-play-and-forget” devices, energy disaggregation and an innovative empowerment and rewards approach based on an alternative monetary currency so as to change consumers’ energy consumption behaviour.

The role of EURO-FUNDING:

1. To support the project coordinator in the organisation and management of the project

2. Deployment of the BENEFFICE Platform on the Pilot Sites

The main objectives are:

  • To coordinate the activities to deply the solution into the pilot test use case.
  • To define a comprehensive methodology to test, validate and evaluate the BENEFFICE solution, (eg. define relevant measurements that enable the quantification of the improvements brought through comparison with the current situation).
  • To evaluate the performance of the designed solutions and identify further inmprovements.

3. Explotation, Dissemination and Communication Activities

  • To guarantee the impact on European economy through the planning and management of exploitation and dissemination and follow-on activities.
  • To safeguard the process of exploitation of results and to investigate the market exploitation potentials.
  • To ensure wide communication of the project´s results to all potential interested parties and the widest audicence during the project lifecycle