Energy Savings

We accompany our customers in the process of implementing energy efficiency measures and developing actions to reduce environmental impact by developing specialized consulting services, adapted to your needs and legal obligations.

As an essential part of the promotion of business models focused on the circular economy and a carbon neutral balance, we complete the service with the management of public financing that promotes the implementation of renewable energies and more efficient energy solutions.

We have more than 20 years of experience in obtaining funds both from national bodies (IDAE) and from the Autonomous Communities (ICAEN, EVE, INEGA, IVACE, AAE, IDEPA, EREN, etc.).


    • Improvement of energy efficiency in buildings and industries: lighting, enclosure, air conditioning, DHW, thermal solar, photovoltaic solar, biomass, compressed air, steam generation, refrigeration, etc.
    • Reduction of CO2 emissions – climate projects: electric means of transport, waste recovery and economizers



Implementation of a new economic and production system based on an ecological model without neglecting product quality and costs

How to reduce the cost of electricity

Reduction of up to 85% of the Special Tax on Electricity

Energy audit

Audit report on the energy consumption of an installation and proposal for improvements focused on energy savings

Management systems

Implementation of management systems based on ISO 14001, ISO 50001, ISO9001

Environmental Risk

Quantify the cost of repairing possible environmental damage that would be caused by an accident, following the UNE 150,008 standard

Energy efficiency grants

Development of financing strategies and detection of public aid for the development of energy efficiency projects in companies

Carbon footprint calculation and recording

Representation of the amount of greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted by an organization. This accredits the companies that are committed to reducing their emissions as well as setting up a plan to reduce them, obtaining a “CALCULATION-REDUCTION” label

Do you want to be an energy efficient company? We analyze your possibilities without compromise