All the companies of Euro-Funding carries out a continuous institutional work such as collaborations with different national and regional public bodies, economic agents, sectorial associations, business schools and technological centers.

Within the framework of this institutional activity, we also carries out an outstanding public activity, among many other actions, in the preparation of innovation financing guidelines in different regions (Andalusia [IDEA Agency], Galicia, Murcia, Generalitat de Catalunya [CIDEM – ACCIÓ], Madrid and Álava), as well as for specialized forums [EXPANSION Group]).

Euro-Funding Innovation is member of the Spanish Association for the promotion of R&D and Innovation funding (AFIDI), of which it was its first president. AFIDI brings together the main Spanish entities in the field of R&D and Innovation, aiming to promote and encourage innovation activities in the private sector by enabling funding through the awareness of public administrations.


The executive president of the Hotel Business Federation of Mallorca (FEHM), Inmaculada de Benito, and Alfonso Ferrán, General Manager of Euro – Funding Local Taxes signed last April an agreement with the aim of offering to the associated companies this services: Consulting on Cadastral Valuation of Real Estate, management of Aids and Technical Services in the field of Energy Saving and Efficiency, advice on energy projects and Cost-Solutions.

Through our delegation in Valencia we have signed an agreement with the Club for Innovation of the Valencian Community becoming part of its network of more than 50 regional companies. Thanks to this collaboration Euro-Funding will encourage the use of tax incentives to R&D among partners.

Barcelona Tech City is an initiative with only 3 years of existence and more than 370 members open to all members of the digital and technological business ecosystem present in Barcelona. Euro-Funding through its Catalan delegation becomes part of promoting the use of tax incentives for R & D & I.

We have signed a collaboration agreement with the Spanish Association of Golf Courses and will be their main sponsor. We will be the consulting company of the Association in matters related to the field of optimization of costs and local taxes, as well as public funding projects in R & D + i.

We have signed a collaboration agreement with the Asociación de Empresarios de Henares (AEDHE). We will be the consulting firm of the Association in matters related to the field of local taxes.

We have become members of the Association for Corprate Grouth Barcelona, in order to be part of the largest global community of entrepreneurs and professionals in the corporate world.