Carbon Footprint

We have calculated our Carbon Footprint for the years 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, obtaining a downward trend in emissions in our fourth year (2018). This has allowed us to reflect on the seal the shading of “CALCULATE” and “REDUCE”.


We are accredited as advisors. Seal awarded by the Generalitat of Catalunya through ACCIÓ to identify the professionals who have the most suitable profile to offer a personalised and expert accompaniment to companies through the programmes offered by ACCIÓ.


We has adopted the United Nations Global Compact in the area of human rights, work force, environmental protection and fight against corruption, and has met with all ten principles of this compact according to its code of ethics and conduct.

AENOR ISO 9001 | 14001 | 50001 | 270001

We have launched its own Integrated Management System which concern to all the companies of Euro-Funding, which is a convergent management mechanism to streamline, coordinate and organize work, and thus achieve the optimal development of its various activities.