The energy audit is an in-depth study of a building with the aim of publicizing a series of energy saving and efficiency opportunities for the company.

The Euro-Funding team prepares an Audit Report, which arises from a previous study, in which different measures are proposed that could be applied in a building to make energy consumption less and more efficient. Improving and saving energy consumption has a direct impact on economic savings.

The measures to be included in the action plan are very diverse. From small actions without cost to others where the need to invest for their implementation arises, the proposed measures are always adjusted to the needs and resources that the company has.

energy audit

    Analyze the energy consumption of a facility to:

    • Detect savings opportunities and possible energy efficiency improvements
    • Analyze possible energy diversification

    According to Spanish Royal Decree 56/2016, companies with a turnover of more than 50 millions of euros must undergo an energy audit covering at least 85% of total final energy consumption

Reduce your company’s energy costs


  • Energy consumption

By means of energy bills from previous periods and the data provided by the meter download, a comparison is made between the real data and what should be the optimum data in a building such as the one analysed. Based on this comparison, it is possible to know the type of energy on which some improvement action will have to be carried out.

  • Enveloping

Enclosures, thermal bridges, gaps and all possible scenarios where energy losses can occur must be analysed. Poor insulation in walls, glass or frames can be a great waste of energy.

  • Lighting

Lighting in buildings must be provided with the lowest possible energy consumption. To this end, an inventory of all existing lighting equipment should be made so that the power consumed can be known and the optimum level can be analysed.

  • Air conditioning and DHW

Study of the existing generation equipment, as well as the distribution systems. Depending on the system used, reducing the amount of the boiler supply can mean enormous energy savings for the company.

Procurement of Energy Efficiency Certificates

The Euro-Funding team collaborates with their customers in the processing of the energy certificate that informs about the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of a property.

The content of the energy certificate is summarized in the energy label. This label indicates the emissions and consumption ratings that the property has obtained in its energy certificate, on a color scale ranging from A, the most efficient, to G, the least efficient.

The energy certificate is a report that includes the general data of the property and the overall energy rating of the property, in terms of carbon dioxide emissions released into the atmosphere. It is expressed on a scale from A to G.