From Euro-Funding we offer different tools and personalized assistance to encourage the development of a sustainable business activity and thus combat global warming and environmental problems in general.

We help companies by incorporating into their business models, focused on a circular economy and carbon neutral balance, public subsidies that promote design based on a circular economy, reduction of CO2 emissions, reduction of waste and dumping, as well as optimization of natural resource consumption.

We analyse the environmental profile of our clients and help them in the process of integrating methodologies against climate change. Within the process we take into account the different emission factors for the integration of the most appropriate actions for each sector of activity, while reducing energy expenditure through the optimization of production processes.


Life Cycle Analysis

Indispensable tool for eco-design and eco-labelling. It allows to determine the environmental aspects and potential impacts associated with the manufacture of a product or service

Carbon footprint calculation and registration

Representation of the amount of greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted by an organization. This accredits the companies that are committed to reducing their emissions as well as setting up a plan to reduce them, obtaining a “CALCULATION-REDUCTION” label

Environmental Grants

Development of financing strategies and detection of public aid for a circular economy, reduction of waste and dumping and efficiency in the use of resources


Implementation of a new economic and production system based on an ecological model without neglecting product quality and costs

Management Systems

Implementation of management systems based on ISO 14001, ISO 50001, ISO9001

Environmental Risk Analysis

Quantify the cost of repairing possible environmental damage that would be caused by an accident, following the UNE 150,008 standard

Do you want to become a sustainable company? We analyze your possibilities without compromise


Corporate environmental responsibility
European comission plans