Sustainability urges companies to combine profitability with environmentally and socially responsible management.

At Euro-Funding we accompany our clients in the process of implementing energy efficiency measures and the development of actions that reduce the environmental impact through the development of specialized consulting services, adapted to the needs and legal obligations.

  • Specialized team by geographic area and type of project.

  • We manage a wide variety of projects to improve energy efficiency in buildings and industries and to reduce CO2 emissions – climate projects.

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Sustainability Plan

We assist in all phases of the plan development process, from the diagnosis of the current situation and materiality, positioning, action plan and monitoring indicators, reinforcement of the organisation and processes, as well as the required communication plan guidelines.

With this plan you will achieve:

  • Design a more sustainable commercial offer
  • Optimise access to finance
  • Involve the organisation and its employees with a proposal for the future.
  • Improve good governance and people management policies.
  • Gain in transparency and comparability with your competitors.
  • Increase the value of the organisation for shareholders and society.

Sustainability Report / NFI Statement of Non-Financial Information)

We select the approach, create the structure, calculate the indicators and write the report to ensure compliance with your legal obligations and improve your communication.s.

With the sustainability report you will achieve:

  • Gain transparency and comparability with your competitors.
  • Improve the communication of your performance
  • Highlight your environmental, good governance and social responsibility initiatives.
  • Comply with legal obligations (Law 11/2018, Taxonomy Regulation, etc.).

Public aids for energy efficiency and the environment

We analyse your organisation’s investment plans and the existing and foreseeable calls for public aid, both at national and regional level, so that you can take advantage of all the incentives available to improve the profitability of your investments in energy efficiency and the environment.

We accompany you throughout the entire process, including preparation, application, justification and all the requirements that may be demanded by the public administrations.

With public aid you will improve the profitability of your investments in energy efficiency and the environment.

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Life cycle analysis

Quantification of the environmental loads associated with a product or service, identifying and quantifying both material and energy use and emissions to the environment.

Energy efficiency savings and improvement plans

Audit report on the energy consumption of a facility and proposal of improvements focused on energy savings.

Calculation and registration of carbon footprint (organization and product) and water footprint.

Basic reference point for initiating actions to reduce CO2 emissions.


Technical consulting services for the implementation of a new economic and production system based on an ecological model.

Management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001)

Implementation of management systems, guaranteeing the required quality standards and covering the identified needs.

How to reduce the cost of electricity

Reduction of up to 85% of the Special Tax on Electricity.

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The advantages of business strategies in line with the European Green Pact
Analysis of energy expenditure