Sustainability, understood as the ability to endure over time, requires companies to combine profitability with responsible management of the environment and society. In practice, sustainability encompasses an organisation’s performance in three areas: environmental, social and governance.

Growing concern about the effects of climate change and the leading role of companies in addressing the risks involved has led regulators to demand greater transparency in the management of their resources. The EU Taxonomy Regulation is a clear example of this by incentivising organisations that align themselves with the environmental criteria set out in the Regulation.

To ensure this alignment in an effective, efficient and consistent manner, Euro-Funding collaborates with companies in the design of a sustainability plan that includes the initiatives that are material for the company and its stakeholders. A plan that formalises the positioning of the organisation with measurable and achievable objectives, that ensures its correct implementation at all levels and that strengthens the communication of its performance.


We assist in all phases of the plan development process, from the diagnosis of the current situation and materiality, positioning, action plan and monitoring indicators, reinforcement of the organisation and processes, as well as the required communication plan guidelines.

With this plan you will achieve:

  • Design a more sustainable commercial offer
  • Optimise access to finance
  • Involve the organisation and its employees with a proposal for the future.
  • Improve good governance and people management policies.
  • Gain in transparency and comparability with your competitors.
  • Increase the value of the organisation for shareholders and society.

We select the approach, create the structure, calculate the indicators and write the report to ensure compliance with your legal obligations and improve your communication.

With the sustainability report you will achieve:

  • Gain transparency and comparability with your competitors.
  • Improve the communication of your performance
  • Highlight your environmental, good governance and social responsibility initiatives.
  • Comply with legal obligations (Law 11/2018, Taxonomy Regulation, etc.).

We offer specialised technical services to help you meet your environmental objectives. Among these we highlight:

  • Energy efficiency savings and improvement plans – Learn more
  • Calculation and improvement plan of the carbon footprint (organisation and product) and water footprint – Learn more
  • Ecodesign – Learn more
  • Life cycle analysis – Learn more
  • Management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001) – Learn more

We analyse your organisation’s investment plans and the existing and foreseeable calls for public aid, both at national and regional level, so that you can take advantage of all the incentives available to improve the profitability of your investments in energy efficiency and the environment.

We accompany you throughout the entire process, including preparation, application, justification and all the requirements that may be demanded by the public administrations.

With public aid you will improve the profitability of your investments in energy efficiency and the environment.


Do you want to become a sustainable company? We analyze your possibilities without compromise


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