Definition of international funds strategies for R&D projects, energy efficiency, environment, industrial investments and / or internationalization. 

Identification, mapping and access to international financing opportunities. 

Extensive experience in the detection and obtaining of public financing at international level, especially in countries with financing problems at the banking level. 

A large network of contacts in the main international organizations. 

Network in third countries, especially LATAM, Africa, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia.

Own network of technical experts for projects of different disciplines of the highest level, including internally. .

Euarly Detection system of projects and potential opportunities (be the first).


  • Presence in more than 19 countries, including project offices, which allow us to obtain key information to obtain the projects and their correct execution. 
  • We increase the chances of success in the requested funding. 
  • We reduce entry barriers to international funding. 
  • Team with an experience of more than 15 years, including ex internal staff of organizations such as BID, Europaid, ICEX, etc. 
  • Project early detection systems 
  • In Euro-Funding we look for partners with a long-term and win-win approach, maximizing synergies. 
  • Roster of experts in various areas and in different geographical areas. 
  • Direct contacts with the officers in the main organisms at international level. 
  • Extensive knowledge of the project management cycle and procedures in each of the agencies, obtaining key information for the successful development of the same.