EU Projects is a highly qualified team with more than 20 years of experience helping our clients in the search for European funding.

In general, from Euro-Funding we collaborate with our clients in:

  • Search for calls and partners
  • Preparation and presentation of project proposals
  • Project Management
  • Advice on ethical, legal aspects, intellectual and industrial property
  • Dissemination and dissemination of project results
  • Innovation Management

Our offer is made up of:

Support in EU calls

Support in the Preparation of Proposals

  • Elaboration of templates
  • Contact with both the NCP and the Project Officer of the call
  • Planning of the different sections that make up a project.
  • Adaptation of contents prepared by the different participants and translation into the European language.
  • Support in administrative tasks and final presentation of the proposal in the corresponding application.

Support in the process of validation and signing of the financing agreement

Support in the Justification and execution of the project:

  • Administrative support in the telematics tool used by the European Commission or the corresponding funding agency according to the corresponding participation rules.
  • Technical support for the review of associated contents.
  • Financial support: economic and expenditure control associated with the execution of the different activities planned in the project.
  • Legal support for the preparation and / or revision of the Consortium Agreement and models of Memorandum of Understanfing.

Support in communication and dissemination of results


Provision of professional consultancy services in the area of R + D + i Financing in the European area for the promotion in the European research environment for the different customer research units.


of the current situation of the organization compared to its positioning for obtaining European funds.

STOW Analysis

of the means, capacities and background of the client, projects, partners, etc., as well as the evaluation of the current R & D strategy in relation to access to European financing of R & D projects.

This analysis does not include a scientific-technical evaluation regarding the state of the art of the client’s R & D areas and their positioning worldwide.

Design of a customized implementation plan on European funding possibilities.

Ethical and legal services

advice on ethical, legal aspects, intellectual and industrial property


We help deepen understanding of the European Union’s funding programs.

The training method proposed by Euro-Funding always combines theoretical aspects with practical questions and examples, encouraging group participation and space to resolve any and all questions and doubts that may arise.

Course methodology adapted and customized for the client. The training service is always in person, brief, but intensive, interactive and oriented to real needs.

We offer specific workshops to assure the preparation to develop strong proposals and manage projects with success.

Different areas of specialization:

  • New technologies
  • Health and biotechnology
  • Safe, clean and efficient energy
  • Smart, ecological and integrated transport
  • Climate, environment and resource efficiency
  • Excellent science
Dissemination and communication

Diffusion tasks so that projects have maximum visibility in the European environment

We participate as a partner in BENEFFICE  H2020 PROJECT |

Reduction of wasted energy by incentivising various consumer types in the wide energy consumer market | H2020 – EE – 2017 – RIA – IA