We support our customers in developing a more sustainable business.

– We analyze the investments made and future to detect possible incentives of available public funds.

We plan and manage initiatives that contribute to sustainable development, reducing the environmental impact and optimizing the use of resources.

-We identify indicators that allow to justify the reduction of environmental impact and the quantification of the energy saving.

We develop methodologies and systems to consume less, produce more and improve relationships with the environment allowing the definition of indicators that allow the measurement of the results of their actions.


Development of a financing strategy for sustainable initiatives through non-recoverable grant announcements as a loan.


-Improved energy efficiency in thermal installations, lighting and insulation

-Replacement of conventional energy for biomass or geothermal in thermal installations


-Improvement of the technology in equipment and in industrial processes

-Implementation of energy management systems

Sostenibilidad (proyectos de reducción de emisiones de CO2):

SUSTAINABILITY (Projects for reduction of CO2 emissions)

-Installations of thermal energy from renewable sources in industrial or tertiary sector

-Change of coolant for another with lower global warming potential

-Change of transport fleet or modal shift

-Emissions reductions in waste treatment


Engineering and energy efficiency

Technical consultancy covering all the activities related to the energy cycle of an installation, from energy certification of buildings and licensing advice, diagnostic, energy audits and energy saving proposals.

Management systems

Design and implementation that bring real value to your organization, allowing a consistent continuous improvement and an increase in competitiveness and efficiency in a sustainable way: Quality (ISO 9.001), Environment (ISO 14.001, EMAS, ISO 50.001) and Energy (OHSAS 18.001).


Identification of potential environmental impacts, either focusing on the potential impact of global warming (carbon footprint) or a set of environmental indicators (life-cycle assessment) of your company, product or service throughout its lifecycle.

Emission trading rights.