Calculation of the Business Activities Tax

At Euro-Funding we carry out a tax audit of business activities tax in order to know the real situation of the tax, determining the correct amount to pay.

There is the possibility of regularizing the tax not only in the future but also retroactively in cases where errors are detected in the settlements of the periods not prescribed.

Business Activity Tax
  • Team made up of technical personnel who have carried out the procedure for the inspection of business activities tax for local councils

  • 100% success guarantee, we only get paid if we generate savings.

Do we check any property? If there is no saving, there is no remuneration


We help companies to correctly declare of the business activities tax and to update it if certain variations of the tax elements are overcome

The business activities tax is a municipal tax whose taxable event is the performance of any type of economic activity.

Support in business activities tax inspections

The business activities tax is a complex and interpretative tax, so in case of inspection, specialized advice is essential. In order to tax correctly and not excessively, training and technical experience are required to understand the specialities of the business activities tax according to each sector.

All companies are inspected sometime, do you want to be prepared?


  • Outdated tax elements (calculation of surfaces, taxable power…)
  • Incorrect framing of the activities carried out
  • Lack of registration under secondary activity headings


  • Penalty between 50% and 100% of the quota left unpaid (art 192 LGT)
  • Settlement of interest on arrears
  • Internal cost of attending to the inspection
  • Settlement of the quotas not declared in the last 4 years