property taxation

We analyse the taxation associated with real estate and the economic activities carried out there in order to determine the possibilities for optimisation and/or reduction: IBI, IAE, ICIO, Plusvalía (IIVTNU), etc.

We are experts in achieving tax savings in local and regional taxation with a successful remuneration model. 74% of our customers highlight the specialization of our technical team.

Our technology allows us to increase the success rate in the files analysed by reducing client involvement. We analyse all types of property: industries, hotels, shopping centres, offices, hospitals, golf courses, etc.

  • A multidisciplinary team of architects, engineers, tax experts, lawyers, former tax inspectors…distributed throughout our offices in A Coruña, Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid, Seville and Valencia

  • Great variety of case studies of properties studied with numerous success stories

  • Development of technological platforms based on the latest trends in the sector using systems and tools for geographic detection and positioning (ICT, TIG, BIM)

Do we check any of your properties? There is only remuneration if we reduce some of the local taxes

  1. DETECTION of errors in the determination of tax elements
  2. CHECK the tax bases, tax rates applied, tax allowances, etc.
  3. PREPARATION of claims to request the rectification of the tax (sometimes retroactively)
  4. ANALYSIS of the decisions for a possible economic-administrative appeal
  5. SUPPORT during inspections by reviewing the proposal and preparing written submissions
  6. CALCULATION of possible tax contingencies and regularization plan


Real estate tax

Review of the cadastral value and other elements identifying possible errors and quantifying the savings to be generated in the receipt of the IBI

Business Tax
Verification and updating of the parameters that make up the tax for correct taxation

Tax on Construction Installations and Works

Analysis of the tax base and search for potential tax relief requested by the taxpayer

Capital Gains Tax

Revision of the cadastral value of the land and the possibility of appealing against its liquidation based on the latest jurisprudence


Study for the possible optimization of the taxation for the transfer of a property.

Do we check any of your properties? There is only remuneration if we reduce some of the local taxes


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