Sustainable purchasing

From Euro-Funding, as a consultancy specializing in purchasing, we help our clients to comply with the Agenda 2030 in economic and environmental matters for Sustainable Development as set out by the UN.

Our role is to make our clients aware of how important it is to adhere to the roadmap set by the UN. The benefits that they would obtain by making a sustainable purchase would be much greater than their investment; new business opportunities, reduction of expenses, improvement of their reputation, strengthening of brand image… are some of them.

consultancy specializing in sustainable purchasing

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To address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDAs) we carry out a very thorough supplier selection criteria based on very demanding sustainability indicator systems.

Some of these selection criteria are:

  • Choosing suppliers that guarantee a short supply chain.
  • Close suppliers to minimize fuel costs and reduce carbon footprint.
  • Suppliers that invest in changing technical specifications to environmental criteria
  • Suppliers who offer products with ecological certificates.
  • Suppliers with environmental certifications

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