At Euro-Funding we have developed a Master Plan that will allow you to know where you are and what you could do to improve the management model of the purchasing department based on the best practices in the market.

Within the project of transformation of the purchasing and supply area, we developed the Cost Optimization Program which will allow you to obtain a global analysis of the categories and to influence them | Find out more

strategic consulting in the purchasing department

  • Analysis to identify proposals for improvement that will be reflected in a deliverable where the results obtained in each phase of the study are presented.

  • In the event that an investment needs to be made, consideration will be given to whether there is a public aid/subsidy to be applied in each case.

Do you want to learn about new management models and best practices for the purchasing department?


Internal economic/operational audit

  • Spend Analysis of all purchasing categories.
  • Multi-variable analysis of the department: profiles, interlocutors, responsibilities, procedures, communication flows, reports and tools used.

Definition of key aspects to optimize the current situation

Development of guidelines to be considered in the new management model

  • Organization and management
  • Standardization of products / services
  • Processes / procedures
  • Sourcing, supplier and contract management

Identification of improvement actions

Conducting “workshops” with ESG staff:

  • Operational review and supplier panel.
  • Consensual definition of improvement actions and levers.

Preliminary lines of management: Best practices in the sector

Elaboration of a proposal for implementation in the coming months

Two main lines of action:

  • Program selected actions.
  • Other non-priority actions

Steps to be taken and tentative schedule for actions.

Do you know the risks of suppliers? Establish the risk profile for each purchasing category and reduce operational incidents and possible associated losses