European Procurement Standard

At Euro-Funding we have a team of expert auditors accredited in the UNE 15896 Standard who know all the steps to follow to obtain this seal of excellence.

This European Purchasing Standard allows the implementation of a value-added purchasing management system, under improvement levers that ensure the good practices of the department.

The certification of the UNE 15896 Standard prepares companies for the new updated purchasing models observed in the market.

Would you like to achieve the UNE 15896 Standard certification? Get added value in the management of your purchases

Benefits of the European Purchasing Standard certification

  • Obtain a better performance of the tasks to be performed within the Purchasing department.
  • Create a strategy in which both the objectives of the Purchasing department and the global objectives of the company are aligned.
  • Improve the quality of communication in the Purchasing area, which in turn will bring competitive advantages over competitors in the market.

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