Procurement Consulting

Improvement of the procurement management

At Euro-Funding we add value throughout the purchasing and procurement life cycle. We identify opportunities, propose production improvements, increase market share and increase profitability.

We carry out a complete consultancy by entering the entire purchasing value chain with our own project management methodology.

We reduce total acquisition costs, improve production efficiency and reduce capital employed.

We prepare a Master Plan that will allow you to know where you are and what you can do to improve your management model based on the best practices in the market.

A company’s Category Structure will improve your reporting, analyze your spending and allow you to track KPI’s.

An optimized Referral Master will allow you a detailed control of the MMPP price evolution minimizing the obsolete ones.

A Provider Panel Risk Analysis will allow you to know your current situation and the risks you face in order to minimize them.

A specific Purchasing Platform would reduce management times by 40%, providing traceability in all processes.

It evolves purchasing management towards a strategic function, based on theoretical and practical training.


    Packaging, Storage, National and International Logistics, Facility, Production (MRO, Utilities,…), Technology (HW, SW…), Marketing, Professional Services (Consulting, ETT, offices…) and General Services (fleet, travel, insurance, office supplies, energy, HR…)


    More than 20 years transforming purchasing departments:
    comprehensive advice on cost optimization, process redefinition and technology implementation for the efficient management of purchasing areas.


Identification of opportunities and proposal of productive improvements in the whole life cycle of purchases and supplies:

Development of a Master Plan

It allows to know where the company is and what can be done to improve the management model based on the best practices of the market.

Cost Optimization Program

Identification of savings opportunities, proposal of production and consumption improvements and increase of market share.

Supply Risk Management

Application of strategies to manage and identify risks along the supply chain, based on continuous assessment with the aim of reducing vulnerability.

Material Structure and Article Master

In-depth analysis of the most relevant categories, establishing workshops with the specialists in each material/service

Sustainable Purchasing

Advice on the implementation of a sustainable purchasing strategy in line with the UN Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development


Alliance with Synertrade (Econocom Group) which allows us to offer the Synertrade Accelerate e-procurement package:

  • Reaching the next level of digitization through access to the best of today’s technology: cloud, big data, social networking and mobility.
  • Simplification of purchasing work with the priority of cost reduction, thus streamlining the optimization and improvement of departments with the aim of achieving increasingly efficient processes.
  • Remember that from the area of innovation they can help you in the search for funding for projects that mean a competitive improvement for the company.

We help you in the transformation process of the company’s purchasing area



Incorporation of highly qualified Category Managers in the companies. Euro-Funding has a pool of experts specialized in each of the categories with training in the “best practices” of the market. We have our own methodology, processes and strategic and operational suppliers.

UNE 15896

Adaptation to the UNE 15896 Value Added Purchasing Management Standard, the first Community standard in the field of purchasing that certifies the degree of excellence of the purchasing function in companies.


Evolution of purchasing management towards a strategic function based on theoretical and practical training



C/P impact significantly on the company’s income statement, through sustainable improvement in prices and trade agreements.


By means of a process audit, time optimization and improvement of communication flows and/or purchase approval are achieved.


Strengthening the purchasing and procurement function.


Transfer of know-how and transfer of best practices in the market


Risk management
The advantages of business strategies in line with the European Green Pact
Supply chains after Covid 19