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With more than 20 years of experience, Euro-Funding is a consulting firm specialized in bringing economic improvements to their clients’ bottom line through: public financing for innovative companies, positioning and obtaining funds in the European environment, analysis of property taxation, purchasing consultancy, measures towards energy saving and management of international cooperation projects.

It has a team of more than 200 experts and around 1,600 companies, technology centres and public bodies have entrusted them with the management of more than 46,500 projects.

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On this page you will find the Euro-Funding team who regularly write articles on current topics. Thanks to their expertise the content has technical approach.

These are articles about the news related to the business areas in which we develop our activity.


Our experts can explain to you the many lines of public funding open and how many business activities and projects can benefit from them. Not being aware of these European, national, regional or municipal aids means that millions of euros go unused every year.


Do you know how companies relate to suppliers? How companies reduce their energy, logistics and insurance costs? How many have been digitized and what those processes look like? Our experts can tell you after having successfully advised on these processes.


Climate change and energy efficiency actions need funding. There are millions of euros waiting for the companies and administrations that bet on the circular economy, the reduction of emissions and the different initiatives with alternative energies. Contact us and we will tell you about the open calls and how they work.

We work on projects to improve energy efficiency in buildings and industries: lighting, enclosure, air conditioning, ACS, renewable energies… and projects to reduce CO2 emissions – climate projects: electric means of transport, waste recovery and economizers.


The different types of properties, their location and the economic activities that take place in them imply different types of taxation and tax reductions. As in other fields, changes in legislation, revisions to land registers and updates to local regulations mean that many companies are unwittingly burdened with their income statements.

Our expert architects, lawyers or engineers can analyse how this taxation, and tax savings, currently stands, and how there is ample room for improvement unnoticed by much of the Spanish business community.


International cooperation projects financed by multilateral and international financial organizations.

Our team is in charge of providing global, innovative and sustainable solutions for the improvement of the productive environment, institutional strengthening and sustainable growth worldwide.


Advice and recovery of foreign VAT, resolution of problems arising around intra-community transactions.

Identification of possible risks in taxation and assistance during the process of refunding foreign VAT to companies.

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