Cash-back. Application of deductions for R+D+i with insufficient quota

The cash-back or tax cheque is an alternative for those entities that cannot apply the tax deduction either because of insufficient tax liability (negative result in corporate income tax) or because they exceed the joint limit for applying the deductions.

This instrument allows the refund of 80% of the deduction generated to the Spanish Tax Administration, or ,to apply without any limit this amount directly on the payment of the Corporation Tax.

Cash Back for R&D projects


  • One year without the possibility of applying the tax deduction
  • Have a binding Motivated Report
  • Maintain personnel
  • Reinvest the deduction applied or paid

LIMITS. Maximum amounts of deduction applied or paid

  • Applicable to commercial groups
  • In general: 1 million euros for Innovation Technology (IT) and 3 million for Research and Development (R&D)
  • Exceptionally for companies whose investment in R&D exceeds 10% of the net turnover for the year: 1 million euros for IT and 5 million euros for R&D

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