Public funds for innovative companies

We advise innovative companies in the definition and implementation of their strategy to raise public funds through a combination of direct aid (subsidies and credits) and tax incentives.

Our technical team analyzes the projects already developed and the investment plans planned for the future in order to develop a financing scenario that is constantly renewed with early and updated information on programs, incentives and regulatory changes.

We provide our customers with personalized financial solutions that allow them to materialize the different financing instruments in a fast and efficient way according to their financial context (monetization/cash-back, participation of private financial entities, guarantees, generation of EIGs or subrogation of credits, among others).

We accompany innovative companies in all phases of project development, from the conceptualization to the exploitation of their results, seeking maximum profitability and legal certainty in the application of incentives and aid. According to our satisfaction survey, 9 out of 10 of our customers recommend our management and highlight the specialization of our technical team.

Find out about all the public funding options for your innovative projects


Spanish grants and credits

Spanish grants for future projects in the form of non-repayable grant and loans

R&D tax deductions for corporate income tax

Reduce the payment of corporate income tax by up to 42% of the expenses associated with R+D+i projects.

Research Staff Bonus

Reduce 40% the company’s Social Security quota for common contingencies of qualified personnel dedicated exclusively to R&D activities

Innovative SME Seal

Application for compatibility of tax deduction and research staff bonus

Innovative public procurement

Collaboration with the two parties: Public Administration and Business/Research Agency

Patent Box

60% reduction in tax on assignment of intangible assets