Grants and loans

We develop customized and specific financing maps for each project through a comprehensive analysis of the different public calls for grants and credits at Spanish, European and international level.

At Euro-Funding we have been offering for 20 years a complete support of processing and justification, from the identification of the grant/s that can be applied for, through the drafting and presentation of a grant proposal to the approval phase.

  • A consolidated team of around 200 engineers with training in the financial field distributed throughout our delegations around the world.

  • We managefrom the preparation and application to the execution of the project and justification of the different aids.

Experts on grants and credits

We can make a non-obligation analys of the financing possibilities of your projects


From Euro-Funding we help companies in obtaining the Spanish seal of innovative SME to benefit from:

  • Simultaneous application of tax deductions for R+D with the Spanish social security contributions for research personnel.
  • A clear guarantee of the company’s innovative capacity with regard to the aid associated with regional calls for support for R&D&I.
  • It allows access to the ICO Innovation Technological Fund lines of financing.


  • Have received national Spanish funding or European funds for at least one project in the last 3 years
  • Have your own patent in operation for a period not exceeding five years
  • Have received a Spanish Motivated Report in the last three years
  • Have demonstrated their capacity for innovation through official certifications (AENOR EA0043, AENOR EA0047, UNE 166.002)

Obtain the Innovative SME Seal