The Euro-Funding team of more than 200 engineers in all our branches has been helping companies, universities, technology centres and research organisations to manage EU grants and subsidies for more than 20 years.

From the different Organism of the European Union, numerous aids and subsidies are launched to promote competitiveness in the European environment of innovation and entrepreneurship. If you have a project based on R+D and you are looking for EU aids or subsidies to finance it, contact us.

At Euro-Funding we offer strategic consulting services to promote the positioning of public and private entities in the European innovation ecosystem, both at the level of return of funds and participation in projects and interest groups.

We have a team of professionals with extensive experience in the search for European funding with a multidisciplinary approach based on the priorities of the European Commission and the different nature of the programmes being promoted. This allows us to offer a comprehensive service to our clients.

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Writing the winning proposal

We help you to obtain grants by defining the structure of a European project and writing the winning proposal. Our experience allows us to provide the necessary know-how so that the proposal is perfectly adjusted to the objectives and requirements of each programme.

Accompaniment throughout the entire process of applying for grants from European bodies (European Commission, executive agencies, JTIs, etc.). Exhaustive and baseline analysis of funding opportunities and elaboration of a customised roadmap providing information on grants and funding possibilities.

  • Identification and selection of funding opportunities (review of the entire European ecosystem).
  • Technical and market feasibility assessment to check the maturity of the project for the selected grant
  • Grant application: analysis of what the funding body is looking for in the projects it intends to fund and who will review your proposal. We make sure that the text perfectly matches the objectives of your project and those of the funding body. Our team and network of collaborators are aware of current regulations and policies, changing rules and requirements set by the funding bodies.
  • Project implementation period: Compliance with the requirements of the funding body during the project implementation period.

Search for partners for collaborative projects, consortiums

Construction of a winning consortium connecting clients and projects with our worldwide network of SMEs, companies, researchers, universities, government institutions, etc.

At Euro-Funding we build bridges between our clients and projects with the organisations in our network (both public and private).

Our international network contains organisations such as SMEs, large companies, researchers, universities, governmental institutions and hospitals in multiple areas of expertise.

We are a leading full-service grants and management consultancy. We support clients across Europe with our extensive experience in leveraging funds and building long-term relationships.

Our strength lies in taking care of the entire grant process to give you the best chance of success – from the very beginning (identification, consortium building) to the application and justification phase of the grant process.

Project Management

Total or partial management of the project, carrying out all the necessary tasks until the project is completed. Follow-up of deadlines, compilation of reports or coordination of key actions. We adapt to your needs and we can collaborate in many different ways to achieve success.

At Euro-Funding we recommend bringing in an experienced specialist who can monitor deadlines, compile reports in a timely manner and coordinate the necessary actions so that companies can fully focus on the other (scientific and developmental) aspects of their project.

We can take over all or part of the management of a project both at the level of consortium projects and single-applicant projects.

Experience in the following areas:

  • Establishment of grant and consortium agreements: Providing strategic advice to partners, supporting negotiations between partners and giving legal support and advice.
  • Day-to-day (financial) project management: Gathering updates on financial and scientific progress, checking and reporting deviations from planning and monitoring compliance with the conditions described in the consortium agreement.
  • Reporting: reminding partners of financial and scientific reporting deadlines, advising partners on financial guidelines, setting up cost statements, monitoring cost statements, sending formats and collecting inputs for partners’ scientific reports, checking, editing and synchronising partners’ entries, finalising reports and submitting them to the grant provider.
  • Meetings: Scheduling and preparing project meetings (setting agendas, inviting participants, taking minutes, keeping track of activity lists), scheduling and preparing training events (if applicable).
  • Amendments: Take appropriate action in case of changes to the work plan or consortium agreement and inform the grant provider when appropriate and prepare amendments to the contract when necessary and appropriate.

Review of grant applications

We make sure that proposals fit perfectly with what the evaluators expect to read from the project. We can help academic researchers throughout the grant application process with our reviews.

In addition to supporting our clients with grant writing from project conception, we assist numerous academic researchers by reviewing their grant applications associated with Pillar I lines of the commission (Excellent science). For example, we carry out reviews for the European Research Council (ERC) and Marie Curie actions (ITN, IF, RISE,…).

Our team of specialists consists of consultants of different nationalities and specialities.

We make sure that the researcher’s ideas are described in a clear, understandable and structured way.

We translate the information into a “European language“. We do this by reviewing the text and commenting on how it could be improved. In this way, we make sure that the proposal fits perfectly with what the evaluators expect to read.

Administrative support

We can offer you help and advice in fulfilling the specific financial and administrative obligations required following the submission of a grant application.

We review the administrative part of the project to make it fully “grant-proof”, paying attention to the specific requirements and legislation regarding the appropriate grant scheme for your projects.

Experienced specialist profile in the coordination of project deadlines, reporting and actions.

In addition to the administrative requirements, the programmes require the submission of regular and final activity progress reports. Incomplete implementation at the administrative level of the project could lead to reimbursements or even penalties by the funding body.

Our team of experts can assist and advise you with all administrative tasks:

  • Setting up the right project management system (administrative management guidelines)
  • Compliance and monitoring of grant requirements
  • Periodic and final reporting
  • Preparation for audits

Positioning and visibility

Positioning of our clients in the European funding environment so that they can coordinate projects and be part of winning consortia.

Through the Brussels office, our knowledge of European institutions and network of international partners, we position our clients in the European funding environment to increase their visibility in the European innovation environment and to coordinate projects and be part of winning consortia.

We promote the active participation of the Institution in the various European initiatives and programmes that may be of interest in order to obtain a greater return of research funds in the future as an ultimate goal.

  • Evaluation of the current situation of the organisation with regard to its positioning for obtaining European funds.
  • D.A.F.O. analysis of the means, capacities and background of the client, projects, partners, etc.
  • Assessment of the current R&D strategy in relation to the access to European funding for R&D projects.
  • Design of a customised implementation plan on European funding opportunities
  • Positioning and visibility activities with European institutions.

Communication and dissemination

We work within the consortium to complete the impact and leadership phase in the work packages dedicated to the communication and dissemination of the project results.

The key to our success is to define a plan from the proposal phase as a partner. Our team works together within the consortium to complete the impact section and take the lead in the work package dedicated to the communication and dissemination of project results through three ideas:

  • Final concept: ensuring that the project results are realised, receiving feedback and influencing the attitudes of decision-makers.
  • Replicability: The project should ensure the replicability of the research in other sectors and countries.
    Engagement with the European Commission and other key and reference partners in the field of operation of the project: involve them in some communication activities, include their channels in the general list, inform them of all results.

Some activities included in the consultancy:

  • Creation of an optimal dissemination network environment inside and outside the consortium related to the project.
  • Definition of key messages intelligently targeted to reach the designated audiences
  • Design and regular updating of the project website.
  • Media relations.
  • Development of a social media strategy that best suits the needs of the project.
  • Measuring the impact of results.

Some project examples

Legal advice on European funds

Strategic consultancy to promote the positioning and obtaining of funds in the European environment.

After analysing the different solutions on the market, we have closed a collaboration agreement with ECIX Group, experts in legal and business risk management.

This collaboration allows us to offer specific advice on IPR and Compliance to ensure compliance with all the requirements related to compliance controls based on early detection and risk control.

  • Intellectual Property: Advice on intellectual and industrial property assets as well as support in the dissemination and exploitation of results by third parties.
  • Data Protection: Design and review of compliance obligations and their privacy implications that may affect regulatory feasibility.
  • Cybersecurity: Advice on technology: cybersecurity, ethics, blockchain, algorithms, digital identity, digital signature, etc.
  • Compliance: Design and advice on ethics and compliance processes and policies.
  • Consortium Agreement: Preparation, adaptation of clauses, support in negotiation and proposal of alternatives.

Get to know the possibilities of your company in Europe

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