From Euro-Funding Innovation we advise our clients in the definition and implementation of its funding strategy combining the various incentives available at regional, national and international level.

We combine the different incentives by developing financing strategies

R+D+i tax deduction

Reduce the payment of corporate income tax by up to 42% of the expenses associated with R+D+i projects.

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Public Grants

Detailed analysis of each project and its life cycle to determine your financing options.

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Research Staff Bonus

They allow companies to reduce by 40% the company’s Social Security quota for common contingencies of qualified personnel dedicated exclusively to R&D&I activities.

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Patent Box

Reduce the 60% tax burden on income derived from the transfer to third parties of the right to use or exploit intangible assets.

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We look for the maximum profitability and legal certainty in the application of these incentives:

  • We align with financial, tax and accounting policy of our clients.
  • Based on your strategic investment plan and projects we develop funding scenery that is renewed constantly with updated information on incentives and regulatory changes.
  • Continuous monitoring to ensure its implementation, going with our clients throughout the process and maintaining dialogue with the Administrations who manage the funds.

Innovative Public Procurement (IPC)

Innovative public procurement (IPC) is an instrument for the promotion of innovation through the contracting by the Administration of NOVELOUS goods and services, thus achieving the first introduction of these in the market.

Euro-Funding Innovation offers specialized consulting services, both to the bidder (Public Administration) and to the Company and Research Organizations that provide possible goods and / or innovative services.

In the case of the Administration, a methodology is proposed for the identification of the different needs of CPI that it may have, and its accompaniment in the bidding process for proper compliance with the regulatory framework.

Both for the company and for research organisations, our service focuses on the identification of possible CPIs of interest to our client, and on the correct preparation of a winning proposal.