World Energy Saving Day | Yes, we take care

October 21st is World Energy Saving Day!

How nice it would be if companies, people and administrations became more aware of this issue, but not only one day, but the 365 days of the year.

I have to say, as an expert in the matter because of my interest, my specific training and my professional career, that things are done, at a very slow pace and with the added difficulty of the economic interests that move large companies and that bind the Administration for reasons unrelated to this article.

How good it would be if legal efforts were made to protect and facilitate renewable energies that allow us to be self-sufficient, respectful of the environment and exemplary with respect to the rest of the world. Let us LEAD in an initiative of which we can be proud!

After this initial vindication, I return to my previous comment of “things are done” and I justify myself.

I work for Euro-Funding, a consulting firm that encompasses various services to favour the economy of companies, increasing their profit and loss account, either by obtaining public aid, tax deductions to which they are entitled or by defending the rights of clients against the Administration by reducing taxes that they pay rigorously every year for their goods and activities, which were not well adjusted, penalising them.

One of the lines of services in which I find myself is Euro-Funding Environmental, where we manage public aid that the Autonomous Communities convene annually, through organisations specialised in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies, such as INEGA in Galicia, EVE in the Basque Country, the Andalusian Energy Agency or IVACE in the Valencian Community, among others, highlighting the most prone to recurrent publication of this aid, as well as the aid summoned by the IDAE (Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving), which has a lot of activity and initiatives in recent years, or the aid summoned annually by the FES-CO2 for the purchase of emission rights of diffuse sectors, promoting sustainable projects.

We have to instil in companies that the incentives are there, but there are many projects that on their own only offer improvements in the numbers of companies.

Specifically, I would like to highlight the line of “Programme of aid for energy efficiency actions in SMEs and large industrial companies”, which Euro-Funding has managed projects with investments higher than 47 million euros by our clients in the industrial sector, with a potential energy saving of 60 GWh/year.

These figures are very good, but they hardly represent 0.022% of energy demand in 2017 in Spain, which stood at 268,140 GWh/year, of which around 30% came from the industrial sector.

And not only do we stay with this line of the IDAE, but there are other tools that try to encourage companies to invest in energy efficiency, some of which we point out below: Climate Projects, Movalt Infrastructure Plan, Modal Change and Transport Modes, Mechanism for offsetting indirect GHG emissions costs, etc..

From Euro-Funding Environmental, we toast to these small initiatives that provide an incentive for companies to undertake investments linked to energy efficiency, as they reduce the amortization periods of investments and allow them to enter into the parameters defined as reasonable to pull the investment forward.

Based on our experience in aid management, but also in technical services such as Carbon Footprint calculation and Energy Audits, we encourage companies to allocate minimum resources to analyze energy efficiency projects, in which they will find investments with returns of less than 5 years, which thanks to the help of the Administration, may end up tilting the balance to its execution and implementation, favoring several aspects: improving energy efficiency, improving the modulation of equipment operation, greater reliability amortized in the short term. It should also be noted that many of the equipment being replaced is more than 10 years old.

Enrique Roca

Enrique Roca

Technical Manager ENVIRONMENTAL