We obtained the innovative SME Seal

At Euro-Funding we advocate for a work model with strong technology and digital basis. That is why the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation had awarded us the seal of innovative SME, a recognition that rewards our journey and commitment to innovation. Our innovative character when working with projects and the recognition thus received will help us to continue establishing policies that help our growth and sustainability as a company.

The result of the work of the Digitalization Department, in compliance with an active Technological Innovation policy set by the Direction of the company, can be seen in the development of the “New Corporate Digital Environment” project. Through this initiative, a total transformation of the IT systems in charge of the processes of Euro-Funding was undertaken, with the design and implementation of a new modular systems model, which allows for a greater flexibility, on a common technological base, parameterizable and service oriented.

The project involves a profound transformation of the ICT systems that govern the operations of the entity, involving changes at the level of data model, integration between systems, creation of new relationships and processes and ultimately a new operating philosophy aimed at enhancing the working environment of employees and with a clear slogan of adaptation to new current or future needs.

Would you like to obtain the innovative SME Seal?

At Euro-Funding we work to develop our most innovative side, and also we help our clients to obtain this innovative seal. Thus, you should know that SMEs that have obtained public funding from CDTI in the last three years are eligible to apply for the Innovative SME Seal.

Would you like to obtain the innovative SME Seal?