We are committed to sustainability

In Euro-Funding we have a Corporate Social Responsibility team that works continuously to define new initiatives to meet the triple economic, social and environmental responsibility that we promote from the company.

One example is the campaign under the name “To be more sustainable”. Thanks to which five proposals are launched that will be developed in all our workplaces:

  • Elimination of paper and development of technological tools for carrying out corporate management.
  • ecoTIPS: healthy habits are shared to encourage paper saving.
  • Paper saving challenge: a target has been defined to reduce the number of printed copies.
  • Replacement of the car fleet with more efficient systems.
  • Promotion of recycling in the delegations.

With the aim of turning each office into a space concerned with recycling, Euro-Funding has managed to have Ecoembes certify our delegations as Sustainable Work Centres. To this end, we have implemented a system of selective collection of containers so that through recycling they can have a new life.

Through this channel we will keep telling you more initiatives.