Why is it useful to hire an external energy efficiency consultant for your company?

Those of us who have been involved in energy efficiency issues for years are looking forward to a progressive and ultimately somewhat accelerated change in all areas of society and economy related to energy and sustainability. We are currently involved in a flurry of initiatives emerging from various fronts, starting with the European Union, which aims to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 through the European Green Pact (THE EUROPEAN GREEN DEAL).

How can we help you?

At Euro-Funding, we try to work actively on both technical aspects and the search for funding to give companies tools and incentives to become involved in the transformation that society is demanding, to reduce the ills caused and still caused to our planet, always offering better services and products with no environmental impact.

On this basis, we have many fronts to work on. Everything is based on a global strategy that starts with an in-depth analysis of the client’s current situation, whether in the service, tertiary or industrial sector, both in purely energy aspects and in aspects of improving their process or product. There are several approaches to the process. On the one hand, the energy consumption of the organization in question can be analyzed, as well as its way of proceeding and its facilities, in order to detect critical points and opportunities, which perhaps the clients, immersed in their daily activity, are not able to identify. In this sense, we proceed to analyse the product or service, considering the raw material used and the final product created or activity managed, as well as the waste, discharges and emissions incurred. This allows us to identify the environmental impacts that are being caused, both in the process itself and in the use of the product, as well as at the end of its useful life.

Having analysed the current situation, thinking about how companies and their staff can be involved, improvement measures can be proposed, limiting it to the pace and needs of the customer, but having seen the real possibilities for improvement.

Finally, we accompany the client in this improvement process to see the results of implementing the proposed solutions.

We are talking about improving the energy efficiency of buildings, of designing a building with almost zero consumption with standards such as PASSIVHAUS, where the heating and cooling needs of a building can be reduced to a minimum, which can be covered by renewable energies. We are talking about carrying out energy audits with our technical staff that allow us to find those solutions tested in the market and that offer high energy savings in industry, in transport fleets, reducing energy costs. We are talking about helping companies to develop procedures and methodologies that allow them to define lines of action, good habits, good practices, criteria when making purchases, selecting suppliers, etc. in order to direct the activity towards a clear objective of zero impact. We are talking about carrying out a detailed analysis of the life cycle of products in industries and the carbon footprint in organisations, in order to close the circle in the production process, making the most of the waste generated and the synergy between different types of companies, so that the waste of some is the raw material of others, creating new products, as a by-product of the manufacturing process.

Public funding to implement energy efficiency processes

Finally, within the package of measures, we are the administration’s loudspeaker to make known and manage the aid offered by public bodies, with aid such as, for example, through the Ministry for Ecological Transition: CLIMATE PROJECTS and PIMA PLANS, through the IDAE, with a budget of more than 300 million euros, the SME AND LARGE INDUSTRIAL COMPANY programme or the well-known MOVES for sustainable transport, as well as other lines with less funding but no less important, such as aid for the promotion of the Circular Economy and aid for the environment through waste reduction.

We have an endless number of opportunities for improvement and we want to offer our clients and other companies our knowledge to be an important tool for them, to achieve their objectives, which in the end is everyone’s.

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