The crisis jeopardizes the digital transformation of enterprises

After the return to normality following the pandemic, for many companies it is time to consolidate and improve digitization processes and it is also a good opportunity for many of them to leap into innovation projects. However, factors such as the supply crisis and the war in Ukraine have led to an economic slowdown and a constant fear of another recession. As a result, many companies are thinking of pausing the development of their digital transformation projects.

But this strategy is not the most recommended by experts, who see precisely in the consolidation of digitalization a good opportunity to get out of the recession. In fact, many companies expect that investment in these areas will increase in the coming months, since digitization has proven to be an essential tool to combat the crisis by generating new revenues.

Availability of European Funds

It is important to highlight in this regard that the arrival of the European Funds aims to promote the development of digital transformation in companies. In this area, the European Union plays a fundamental role in preventing the slowdown of digitalization, since it is expected that European aid for R&D&I in the digitalization sector will have a great impact in the coming years. In fact, it is important to note that the European Commission is about to approve, within the Horizon Europe framework program, the work program for the period 2022-2027, which will specify the objectives and specific thematic areas that will receive a total funding of more than 12,000 million euros, of which it is expected that up to 5,000 million will be allocated for the development of digital technologies.

From Euro-Funding we develop funding maps for each project by analyzing the different public calls for grants and credits at regional, state and European level.

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