Summary of H2020 Information Session. New terms of participation

Yesterday we were at the conference organised by the European Commission on the latest developments in participation in H2020 held at the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.

One of the first points dealt with was the new Lump Sum system for financing R&D projects. At Euro-Funding we know this system well because we participate in one of the pilots being developed by the European Union.

The Lump Sum system represents a radical change regarding to the tradition of justifying this type of project. It is a question of replacing an enormous workload of compiling, reviewing and analysing technical-administrative documentation with the establishment of payment milestones subject only and exclusively to the fulfilment of certain technical milestones, or to the technical availability of certain deliverables. In this way, the Commission wants to ensure that the proposals are sufficiently realistic and that the projects achieve the proposed execution objectives.

The scope of this new system, especially with the next Horizon Europe Framework Programme in mind, is still unknown, but the debate is already open: we are gaining in flexibility and operability, and we are losing out on a system that can be as tedious as it is guaranteeing.

We are already studying the implications on the structure of projects: particularly on the need for a clear temporary definition of technical milestones giving entitlement to partial payments with an appropriate timetable; and also to establish consortium structures that (as the European Union had always requested) make it very clear who does what in each task.

Isabel Vinagre

Isabel Vinagre

Senior Project Manager EU PROJECTS