Shock plan for science and innovation

The Government has presented the “shock plan” to strengthen science and innovation in Spain, and has set out its investment commitments for 2020 and 2021 in 17 measures.

This Plan will include an investment of 1,050 million in direct aid in 2020-2021 (396 million will be mobilised in the first year and the rest in 2021), which will be complemented by another 508 million in loans with advantageous conditions for innovative companies.

According to the government, this is a plan prior to other more ambitious ones that will be presented throughout the summer and autumn, where the destination of the European Next Generation EU funds will be specified.

This crash plan will be based on three pillars:


The executive wants to redirect resources and strengthen the Carlos III Health Institute (part of the Ministry of Science) to make it the leading medical research center in the country. In addition, there are plans to launch a Spanish Strategy for Personalized Medicine and to reform the Biomedical Research Act of 2007.

Specifically, this axis includes the following measures:

  • Measure 1:Mobilize emergency funds for biomedical research and business R+D+I in COVID-19
  • Measure 2:Promote the material and human capacities of the Instituto de Salud Carlos III as a reference center for health research in Spain
  • Measure 3: Launch a Spanish Personalized Medicine Strategy for the prevention and treatment of diseases
  • Measure 4: Reform the Biomedical Research Act of 2007
  • Measure 5: Strengthen high biosafety infrastructures for in-vitro and pre-clinical experimentation for the development of vaccines and treatments for infectious diseases


This shock plan aims to recover the investment and increase the volume of our research system, which in turn will have an impact on more R&D&I jobs. To this end, it proposes to address two urgent actions that have been long called for by the knowledge generation system.

  • Legal reform to reduce job insecurity and instability among young scientific personnel by establishing an entry system based on stable contracts subject to external evaluation at the end of an initial period.
  • Significant increases in funds in the main competitive calls for projects, contracts and equipment that feed all research groups in all areas of knowledge.


This axis proposes 5 measures that will be implemented by the CDTI as a funding agency for business R+D+I in Spain.

  • Measure 12: Double in three years the aid to R & D & I business through the new Strategic Plan of the Innovation Agency – CDTI
  • Measure 13: Enhancing and connecting basic science in public research centres with business
  • Measure 14: Support business R & D in the automotive sector
  • Measure 15: Support business R & D in the aviation sector
  • Measure 16: Consolidation of the model and technology of Spanish SMEs with European seal of excellence
  • Measure 17: Development of the Science Industry by extending the Pre-commercial Public Procurement model to purchasing