Financing of cooperative R&D projects

In the next few days, some of the main national funding calls for cooperative R&D projects will be published. These calls are endowed with funds from the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism, so it will be essential to pay special attention to compliance with aspects such as DNSH (do not significant harm).

On the other hand, in addition to the advantage of taking advantage of R&D synergies with the participants in the consortium and the technological enrichment that participation in a collaborative project entails, in some cases the complexity of the administrative management of a project of these characteristics can be a barrier, so it is essential to establish an optimal model of operation, coordination and monitoring from the conception of the idea to the justification and final certification of the project

R+D+I Projects in Strategic Lines

The publication of the call for R&D&I Projects in Strategic Lines for 2022 is scheduled for the next few days. This is a call managed by the State Innovation Agency (AEI), an agency that finances projects executed in consortium between companies and research organizations. The projects must have a minimum budget of 400,000 € and a maximum of 2 million euros. For this next call,18 thematic priorities have been established with a clear focus on digitalization, security and sustainability in the development of economic activity and the health and welfare of society. The activity of the companies will be funded through loans, while research organizations will receive grants.

MISIONES Science and Innovation Program

The MISSIONS Science and Innovation program will be managed by CDTI and is also expected to be published before the end of the first half of 2022. This program aims to promote the implementation of projects with a strong R&D component in cooperation between companies in which a substantial participation of research organizations in the form of subcontractors will be mandatory. For the moment, the thematic priorities for this new call have not been officially published, although the main lines have been defined (which include the introduction of new missions associated with some of the approved PERTEs): reinforcement of capacities to achieve sustainable energy autonomy, promotion of the industrial revolution of the 21st century based on digitalization, more sustainable agriculture, new technologies for the naval sector, recovery and valorization of mineral resources and strategic materials, and development and strengthening of an integrated photonics ecosystem in Spain.

Aeronautical Technology Program

These calls are joined by the Aeronautical Technology Program, managed by CDTI and recently published. In this case, projects carried out in consortium will be financed in 3 different modalities: PTA Large companies (with participation of SMEs), PTA SMEs and PTA Large strategic projects (to promote demonstration projects for the use of hydrogen in aircraft). The projects will have to focus on technologies that will make the “zero-emission aircraft” a reality, intelligent and advanced manufacturing, unmanned aircraft (UAs) and reinforcement of national capabilities in aircraft design, development and production. The aid will take the form of a non-repayable grant and the deadline for submission is July 14, 2022.

At Euro-Funding we develop financing maps for each project by analyzing the different public calls for subsidies and credits at regional, state and European level. Our technical team analyses the investment plans to develop a tailor-made financing scenario.

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