Maximising European Opportunities

Horizon 2020, Joint Technologies Initiatives, the LIFE programme, ERA-NETS, PRIMA, ENI CBC Med… Europe offers a very wide range of funding instruments for R&D, innovation, environmental actions, cross-border cooperation, etc. These programmes are an exceptional opportunity to collaborate with leading companies, reference research centres and public bodies on projects with an international impact. In addition, the financial support they provide is, as a rule, better than that of national programmes, in some cases reaching 100% of the cost of the project.

However, having a global perspective of this ecosystem of funds is not easy: Which programmes fit the activity and strategy of my company? What calls and topics should I attend? What should I do to have real options for success? What associations, events and communication channels are key?

At Euro-Funding we have conceived a Dynamisation service that maximises the use of the funding opportunities offered by Europe. Our Dynamisation service provides:

  • Vision. We identify the programmes, calls and themes that are ideal for boosting your company’s R&D&I strategy.
  • Visibility. We design a set of measures so that your company gains visibility in Europe, forms part of the associations with the capacity to decide on European programmes, and participates in key events.
  • Procedures. We propose an action model to identify opportunities, filter ideas, find partners and preliminarily plan the preparation of proposals.