Third Year of Follow-up | ISO 27001

After a lot of hard work, Euro-funding has successfully passed the third year of ISO 27001 monitoring, referring to Information Security. The headquarters in Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla and Valencia have been reviewed and audited, both internally with Audea and externally by the certifier EQA.

During the process we have lived uncertain months caused by the state of alarm and the coronavirus crisis, since the change of work to on-site meant that we had to adapt unexpectedly to the new situation.

This new scenario forced us to change several procedures with the consequent risk of not doing things as required by ISO. In spite of the difficulties, all the efforts have obtained an optimum result and the certifier itself has congratulated us for the quick adaptation, commenting that although we still do not have a mature ISMS (Information Security Management System), we are seen as having many possibilities to consolidate ourselves in a robust way.

EQA Certificates

As aspects to improve in the audit we have been pointed out that this immaturity points, for example, to the fact that we still do not have 100% of the procedures depending largely on personal figures and the obsolescence of some of the infrastructures that Euro-Funding was already planning to modernize.

We have been very proactive and the policy of exchanging terminals for laptops meant that the impact was minimal and did not drastically affect the operation of the company, as is often the case in many companies. During the months of confinement, it was generally observed that many companies were not able to acquire terminals on time or have obtained them with very long waiting times.

From Euro-Funding we are proud of our team, since during the process of obtaining the ISO we have been able to observe great involvement with other departments and in particular there is very good symbiosis with the quality ISO as well as with the environment and energy efficiency.

ISO 27001 is part of an Integrated Management System that applies to all Euro-Funding companies and constitutes a convergent management mechanism to rationalize, coordinate and organize work.