ISO 27001 implanted in record time

We have achieved ISO 27.001 in record time!

We have adapted and even improved internal processes in the management of information ensuring a safe and efficient treatment of the information of all our customers.

ISO 27.001 is added to our Integrated Management System that demonstrates our continuous effort to be a company with a great commitment and quality with the services we provide.

The ISO standards, established by the International Organization for Standardization, are a set of standards aimed at ordering the management of a company in its different areas.

They were created with a very clear purpose, that of helping companies to reduce costs and increase their effectiveness, offering them a certain orientation, coordination, simplification and unification of criteria.

Other examples of the advantages of the recently implemented standard 27.001 could be the reduction of the risk of information loss in organisations, the implementation of security measures so that customers can access the information themselves, or the establishment of a methodology thanks to which information security can be managed in a clear and concise manner.

Euro-Funding’s IT department has established a series of Security Policies with the aim of guaranteeing the correct protection of the company’s resources and tools. For them, a period of awareness has been carried out of the people who treat these assets so that they procure their protection in a responsible way.

These Information Security Policies show the commitment of the Management, and have as high level objectives:

  • Ensure compliance with applicable legislation, regulations and standards
  • Meet the needs and expectations of the stakeholders involved
  • Betting on “continuous improvement” as the primary mechanism of evolution and
    adaptation of the organisation.
  • Establish and periodically review the level of security
  • To train, raise awareness and motivate staff on the importance of complying with the ISMS requirements.