Investing in technology is a guarantee of growth

The impact that technology has on companies is nothing new, but not all of them include in their growth strategy actions related to the development of innovative projects.

Many reports show how Spanish companies devote an ever-increasing amount of money to investing in technology, allowing large and small companies to evolve and satisfy their customers more efficiently.

Incorporating innovation in the DNA of companies can be said to be an obligation. Faced with an ever-changing world, innovation becomes the essential tool to guarantee the survival of companies (large and small). It not only allows companies to improve their results but also to survive unforeseen market events.

However, it is not at all easy to be an “innovative” company. It is necessary to sit down and define an innovation strategy in which the whole organization understands and accepts the challenge. Small actions or projects that can realistically be implemented should be defined, collaborations with other companies should be promoted by fostering a cooperative environment, and the opportunities and incentives that currently exist should be exploited. Either through the financing (loan/subsidy) of projects, savings in the cost of Social Security (for personnel carrying out design tasks, programming, etc.) and/or tax deductions for R+D+i activities.

Javier Campos

Javier Campos

Senior Project Manager International