European Institute of Innovation and Technology

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology is a Community body created by the European Union in 2008, which aims to strengthen the innovation capacity of European Union member countries. The EIT is part of Horizon 2020, the Framework Program dedicated to Research and Innovation.

This body fosters innovation by integrating business, education and research to find solutions to global-scale challenges, it achieves this through its 1,500 partners. Today the Institute has succeeded in creating jobs and sustainable economic growth opportunities for Europe.

The EIT seeks solutions to today’s major societal challenges, classifying them into 8 of which we focus on two below:

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EIT Food

EIT Food is Europe’s leading food innovation initiative, working to make the food system more sustainable, healthy and reliable. This call consists of two proposals:

CALL: Call for expression of interest for activities within the project “The revolution of regenerative agriculture.”
APPLICATION DEADLINE: until 04/06/2021
CONVOCATING ENTITY: European Commission

It strategically supports the transition of farmers to more regenerative farming practices on farms in Europe to meet objectives in the areas of: climate change, food security needs, protecting farmland and building a healthier food system through the Regenerative Agricultural Revolution Program, which provides a comprehensive training program to assist farmers in knowledge and application of regenerative agriculture principles on their farms.

  • Currently own or manage a farm that is their main source of income.
  • Commit to switching at least 30% of their farm to regenerative methods during the year following the training session.
  • Commit to changing at least 30% of their farm to regenerative methods within one year of the training session.
  • Commit to changing at least 30% of their farm to regenerative methods within one year of the training session.
  • Demonstrate passion/initiative for the regeneration of healthy soils, rural communities and ecosystems.
  • Be located in an eligible region of Spain and Italy.
CALL: Call for problem holders and solution providers to address water scarcity in Southern Europe
CALLING ENTITY: European Commission

To facilitate the transition to a water-saving economy across southern Europe and contribute, in the long term, to reducing water consumption, waste and pollution in Europe. This is achieved by targeting different stakeholders, from policy makers to businesses, industry leaders and citizens, through different actions.

Market-oriented training, a 3-month mentoring period, cash prizes of €66,000 and the possibility to launch a demonstration site with one of the problem holders at the end of the period.

Private companies, associations of companies, cooperatives or public entities in the food and beverage industry, agricultural sector and/or water utilities, and large infrastructures wishing to find solutions adaptable to their specific needs.

Priority will be given to entities located or having at least one production site in the Mediterranean region, namely in Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Malta or Spain.

EIT Health

EIT Health exists to build an ecosystem in which new ideas in healthcare can thrive. Its network connects world-class organizations across Europe from business, research and education. EIT Health calls this meeting point the “knowledge triangle” because it is where life-changing ideas are produced.

The idea about the knowledge triangle is to connect the brightest minds in business, research and education. EIT Health believes that the best innovation occurs when these three elements meet. EIT Health occupies a privileged place at the center of these disciplines, bringing together a community of innovators dedicated to improving the lives of people and patients.

The result? Ideas that can change lives become reality here.

EIT Health is founded on the premise that, in order to transform our approach to innovation in healthcare, they have to provide education to all those involved in the healthcare process. For this reason, they have numerous active programs.

This program catalyzes the growth of new businesses todeliver transformative products and services. They work with entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs to reduce the time to market for life-changing products and services, while creating new jobs and contributing to a more prosperous healthcare economy.

Through its unique network of world-class healthcare organizations, EIT Health connects entrepreneurial companies with the expertise and resources they need to scale and reach out as quickly as possible.

How do they do it? Accelerator provides entrepreneurs with knowledge and services that help them navigate the complex path to the healthcare market.

Innovation: Innovation projects strive to respond to some of the biggest healthcare challenges facing Europe. This is where their unique approach to innovation comes to life.

For each innovation project, they create a task force of world-class experts from business, research and education to develop the most promising solutions into commercially viable, real-world products or services.

Ideas don’t have to be fully formed: our Wild Card initiative is open to anyone whose thinking can help transform healthcare.

EIT Health Think Tank brings together healthcare leaders to pave the way for new, life-changing innovations and identify upcoming opportunities that radically change the way healthcare is delivered. They collaborate across multiple disciplines to explore and evaluate the most pressing issues affecting healthcare innovation today.