EIC Transition Funds opens with 100 million euros budget

The European Commission, under the Horizon Europe framework program, has just launched the EIC Transition Funds call for proposals to finance the advancement of innovative technologies in the development stage, starting from proof of concept in the laboratory and progressing to the market.

This call is not open, but is restricted to the development of projects previously financed in the ERC Proof of Concept, of the European Research Council, or EIC Pathfinder calls.

Two options stand out within the call:

  • EIC Transition Open funds novel technologies in any scientific field that have already reached proof of principle in the laboratory. These technologies should aim for further maturation and validation in the laboratory and in relevant application environments to advance development towards market funds novel technologies in any scientific field that have already reached proof-of-principle in the laboratory.
  • EIC Transition Challenges specifically aimed at:
    • Novel medical technologies and devices that address important health needs in direct clinical treatment and patient care, with a direct-to-market strategy.
    • Innovative technologies that develop efficient, low-cost, sustainable, compact and flexible energy capture, conversion and storage. These technologies should be important to meet the objectives of the European Green Pact for decarbonized energy systems while achieving the transition to secure and affordable energy.

Key Ingredients To Get Help:

You will need to demonstrate that you are the owner, holder of the intellectual property rights (IPR) or that you have the necessary rights to commercialize the results of one of these eligible projects.

To make a first assessment of whether your project can benefit from this line, ask the following questions:

    • Have you identified Pathfinder, FET or ERC proof-of-concept project results that could be the basis for breakthrough innovations and new businesses?.
    • Is this new technology ready for the next steps towards maturation and validation in some specific applications?.
    • Do you plan to build a motivated and diverse team of entrepreneurial leaders to develop the idea and increase its market readiness?

Before deciding to submit, we recommend that you carefully study the criteria and objectives of the work program and evaluate, if necessary with the help of a specialist, whether your project meets the objectives.

Check the feasibility of your projects in the EIC Transition call for proposals.

CALL: EIC Transition
APPLICATION DEADLINE: Open + Challenges: 12 April and 27 September 2023
ORGANISING ENTITY: European Commission

This program, aimed at financing projects of technological novelty, will support:

  • The maturation and validation of new technologies in the laboratory and in relevant application environments
  • The development of business cases and models for the future commercialization of the innovation.

Individual applicants (SMEs, spin-offs, start-ups, research organizations, universities) or small consortia with a maximum of five partners may apply.

Most of the funding will be awarded through open calls without predefined thematic priorities.

This open funding is designed to enable the support of any technology and innovation that crosses different scientific, technological, sectoral and application fields or represent novel combinations.

The maximum grant will be 2.5 million euros.

Consult the feasibility of your projects