We would like to share with you a calendar of the future calls of the State Agency of Investigation (AEI), in the document it is detailed:

  • Planning of the 2018 calls pending resolution
  • Planning of the 2019 calls
  • Planning of the 2020 calls

The 20191 Provisional Annual Action Program of the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities forward this information for the current year, including the forecast of the publication of the calls by quarter. It covers the period from the calls that are currently being processed to the latest to be published in the current State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation, which ends at the end of 2020. The anticipation of opening and resolution of calls It is presented with monthly detail.

In the same document, the MCIU answers the following planning questions:

  • What are the main phases of a call?
  • Can the planning of the calls be maintained?
  • Why can not the AEI inform at this time about the funds available for each call?
  • Will the dates now announced in successive years be maintained?
  • Will you continue to publish extensions of the deadline for resolving calls?
  • Will the research projects (Knowledge Generation and Research Challenges) continue months before the resolution?
  • What is necessary to resolve the calls in less time?
  • Could additional calls be published in 2019 or 2020?

The planning exercise that is now published will provide certainty and predictability to innovative companies when preparing their applications. At Euro-Funding, we work with our clients in the definition and implementation of their R&D financing strategy, combining the different incentives available, in addition to the AEI calls at regional, national and international level.

Based on the strategic investment plan and the projects of our clients, we develop a funding scenario that is constantly renewed with updated information on incentives and regulatory changes. We also carry out a continuous follow-up to ensure its implementation, accompanying throughout the entire process, and maintaining dialogue with the fund management administrations.