All in progress for the Law on the Promotion of the Startup Ecosystem

On 25 January, the deadline for submitting comments on the public consultation prior to the drafting of the text of the draft “Law on the Promotion of the Startups Ecosystem”, by virtue of Article 26.2 of Law 50/1997, of 27 November, of the Government, expired.

The aim of this new law is to generate a favourable ecosystem for the creation of companies in order to achieve the strategic objective of placing Spain among the leading countries in technological entrepreneurship.

To this end, public policies will be articulated to encourage the activity of startups through multiple measures at all stages of their life cycle, betting especially on attracting investment and talent, recognizing its figure as an entrepreneurial initiative, adapting legislation to its uniqueness, and facilitating and improving the financing system for entrepreneurship.

Gonzalo De Silva

Gonzalo De Silva

Director of Institutional Relations