Proposed budget for HORIZON EUROPE, the new framework programme

As we said in the last article, the Commission today confirmed that it is planning to allocate a total of €100.000M  to the research and innovation programme.

Horizon Europe will be organised around three pillars:

  • Open Science: It will have a total of €25.800M. Promotion of collaboration and exchange of knowledge between researchers. Funding of research projects through the European Research Council (ERC), and Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) grants and exchanges.
  • Global Challenges and Industrial Competitiveness: A total of €52.700M. Direct support to research in the field of global social challenges, through 5 clusters (health, inclusive and safe societies, digital and industry, climate, energy and mobility and food and natural resources). This pillar also includes the activities of the Joint Research Centre (JRC), which will continue to contribute through scientific advice, technical support and scientific research.
  • Open Innovation: It will have a total of €13.500M. It encompasses the European Innovation Council (EIC), which currently has a pilot phase in Horizon 2020, to support disruptive innovations with market creation potential, Innovation Systems to connect with national and regional actors, and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) to continue its activities.

Óscar Salazar Torres

Senior Project Manager