Euro-Funding Innovation began operating in 1996 and became the first Spanish consulting firm exclusively specialized in managing public financing of R&D and innovation projects. Been pioneer in advising large industrial groups in the management of fiscal incentives to innovation at spanish, european and international level.

A few years later our clients begin to demand additional services in order to improve their bottom line: optimization of taxes related to real estate, cost consulting and sustainable strategies for business development projects. In addition, we have been weaving an international network of offices, which continues in full expansion.

As a result of this need, new independent companies are founded, maintaining the same successful business model with national and international scope.


We are a series of companies with an organic growth of more than 20 years based on good practices. We have a philosophy based on customer orientation accompanying wherever their projects are bringing economic improvements to their bottom line.

Our success is due to a profitable and sustainable growth thanks to the professionalism and motivation of a specialized team, in continuous training and ability to anticipate changes. By providing a local service but with global solutions, we have been able to generate our network of international partners that offers us a great competitive advantage.

We consider ourselves partners of our clients.


Grow in a profitable and sustainable way, accompanying our clients throughout their projects, providing a local service with global solutions 

Provide economical improvements to the income statements of our clients

“Deploy the proactiveness of a startup in an atmosphere of trust and cordiality”


Confidentiality and honesty


Technical rigour and service


Flexibility and performance 


We share objectives and results with our customers since our business model is based in a corporate philosophy of income according to performance.


We are familiar with different sources of funding at every level, which allows us to fulfill effectively to the specific needs of each client. 


We have a team of highly specialized consultants in each of our areas of activity. 


We are present in 19 countries through our own offices or through solid alliances with local partners. Thanks to our extensive international network we are able to provide advisory services, and manage and maximize the profitability of our clients’ resources.