Public grants and subsidies are another source of financing for companies.

In order to maximize the success of our work and always in line with our clients’ strategies, we will carry out a detailed analysis of each project and its life cycle in order to determine its financing options and how they can be compatible and/or complementary.

  • We develop customized and specific financing maps for our clients through a comprehensive, technical and qualified analysis of the different direct financing tools, at local, regional and national levels.
  • We have extensive experience in project evaluation in different grants management bodies and first-hand knowledge of the specific programmes of each community.
  • This detailed knowledge of the assessment criteria of the Public Administrations to grant funding gives us the ability to anticipate changes and maximize the success in financing proposals.


R+D+i projects

Funding for research, development and technological innovation projects and qualified contracting.

  • Research and Development Projects (CDTI)
  • Strategic R&D Projects (CDTI)
  • Technological Demonstration Projects (CDTI)
  • Innovation Hotline (CDTI)
  • Feder Innterconecta (CDTI)
  • Fisheries and Aquaculture Innovation Projects (FEMP) (CDTI)
  • Connected Industry 4.0 (MINCOTUR)
  • Strategic Agenda for Digital Economy and Society (MINCOTUR)
  • Challenges-Collaboration (MICINN)
  • Quevedo Towers (MICINN)
  • Industrial Doctoral Students (MICINN)
  • Investments by foreign companies in R&D activities (Invest in Spain) (ICEX)

Industrial investment

Direct grants for the creation and expansion of industrial facilities and improvements to production processes.

  • Strengthening of Industrial Competitiveness (former Reindustrialisation) (MINCOTUR)
  • Global Innovation Line (CDTI)
  • Expansion Hotline (CDTI)
  • Fisheries and Aquaculture Investment Projects (FEMP) (CDTI)
  • Regional Incentives

Business development

Financing for the support of entrepreneurship and internationalisation actions.


R+D+i projects managed per year


on average of projects approved in regional and national calls

More than 60

projects approved in CDTI in the last 4 years.

More than 220 M€

obtained in Reindustrialization and Promotion of Industrial Competitiveness calls in the last 5 years

CONSORTIUM PROJECTS: Project Office Management

In Euro-Funding we collaborate with different consortiums giving support both in the preparation of the proposal and in the management of the consortium.

Preparation of the proposal

  • Detail of formal, technical and economic requirements of the call for proposals
  • Generation of cards and support templates
  • Compilation and analysis of administrative and economic documentation
  • Individual and overall budget monitoring
  • Review of the consistency of work packages, implementation deadlines and technical skills of each partner in the project
  • Revision and assistance in the drafting of technical reports
  • Management and transfer of data to telematic applications

Project management

  • Project Lifecycle Management Manual
  • Calendar of actions and follow-up meetings
  • Coordination of follow-up meetings and taking of minutes
  • Ongoing information to the consortium on project status and changes affecting the project
  • Monitoring of compliance with technical and budget milestones and modification requests
  • Control of the generation of deliverables
  • Interlocution with the managing body
  • Compilation and analysis of administrative and economic documentation for justification
  • Assistance in accounting audit
  • Revision and assistance in the drafting of technical reports