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  • How we are?

    EURO - FUNDING ADVISORY GROUP, leaders in both Public Funding and Cost Consulting Solutions for your organisation at the local, national and international levels.

  • Euro-Funding Advisory Group Worldwilde.

    We are currently present in 19 countries through our own offices or through stable alliances with local partners.Due to our wide international network, we can advise, manage and monetize the resources of our clients globally in the most effective manner.


We have a highly specialized team in each of our areas of action.

The expertise of our team, with more than 650 specialist consultants, adds value to our clients’ results.


Experience and Team.

Our local knowledge of the funding sources and our global perspective, supported by highly experienced and interconnected team by sector and country, allow us to effectively respond to the specific needs of each client.



We share objectives and results with our clients, our business model is based on a success fee philosophy.

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